• wolfinspire 45w


    I try so hard to heal the world yet my own wounds are left festering and bleeding
    Give to the needy to not be seen as greedy yet my empty pockets screem
    Everyone around me becoming a somebody yet I sit alone trapped in a dead fantasy
    I hope for the the boat to find me as I'm out lost at sea but I wake again sharks surrounding my raft
    A raft built from a broken man I'm twenty-three yet I feel like a child always needing
    Fleeing from a world I didn't belong in the first place
    lost in the race of time my mind blanks and I think on nothing and everything all at once depression
    Anxiety can't decide to be free or run and hide
    Its no joke when I say I fell dead inside yet so very much alive
    The best feeling is the rain on your skin as another day comes you know your alive again time to begin anew yet being dead is all your head screams at you so you flee back to the comforts of your fantasy repeating the cycle until it breaks and I'm set free free to sour the sky like a bird just learning to fly
    never looking back and never saying goodbye