• ritvik_tuteja 6w

    The Passionately Zealous Lady

    The actionable socialite everyone loves
    Her aura is one full of passion & ambition
    Shes the life of every nook & corner
    Leaving no stone unturned with chatter & laughter
    Her energy is undying & super rocketing
    To all is she endearing & positively backing
    Mother of one son & twin daughters
    Back home, she lives up to their tantrums

    Aspiring to do for each person, each day
    Her social presence to each one is dearly missed
    Knowing the tricks & trade of getting the best
    She succeeds diplomatically yet all in zest
    In her personal space though is she solemn
    Seeking improvement in oneself to make a difference

    Generous & full of gratitude to every being
    With her closest ones, she's berserk & doolally
    Her avidity & brio is a muscle she possesses
    On any given day to outshine, is she unstoppable
    Empathetic & living a life of gratitude,
    She yearns a contentment beyond her fortitude