• pal_writings 10w

    A man who made numerous mistakes as child, but never hestitated to admit it, instead he published it as his autobiography, stating "My experiments with truth" he is the one, who teaches us to embrace our values..
    He is not just a normal man, he himself is an evolution, who made infinite positive changes through his practice of humanly devotion..
    The one who believes in god seeing it in every living being, worshipping and loving each of them by keeping his heart open to all, without giving second thought on their religion or caste..
    He taught us the power that tolerance and nonviolence can have, capable of conquering the hardest of battle land...
    He says in gentle way you can shake the world, and spread the love that the universe desires, he make us know the beauty of every different man, and tell us to be the change that you wish to see in this wonderland..
    Its his 150th birth anniversary today, marking more than a century that he has left us bodily though, he always remains immortal in our Hearts forever and forever so, guiding us to make a planet, that we all wish to love to live it for......

    -pal_writings (palak landge)

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