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    another rant, one that i didn't even read before posting. hopefully someone can feel what it is i conveyed in these words. if not, hey, weirdness is my best quality. :)

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    people just dont understand
    cannot comprehend the logic behind my warped mind
    i've became frozen within this realm
    trying hard not to feel.
    fright has become the disease that once captured my body
    holding me still
    hiding me from what was real.

    but here i am
    someone new in a foreign place
    her soul drifted away that day
    lacking the drive
    the feelings to every memory that was just too much for you to endure.

    i am your walk in
    taking your place
    sometimes i feel lost as i continue your life
    unsure of who you are.

    an unfortunate departure
    i am heartbroken you had to endure
    it leaves me puzzled
    has everyone forgotten her?

    where you are?
    you feel so far..
    thank you for this chance
    to make us shine
    where ever it is that you now reside
    i hope it is everything you dreamed it would be.
    your life just wasnt what it you thought it should be.

    in the aftermath of all the chaos,
    i am thankful for you.
    your bravery and soft heart
    helps me understand why you chose me
    to endure the life you thought wasn't worthy of your stay.

    but hey,
    thanks for the life you've given me.

    as confusing as it may be,
    i am learning everyday.
    everyonce in a while i have a moment
    a peaceful feeling of clarity sprinkles
    down in droplets of rain.
    i close my eye and feel the sky
    as you so thankfully kiss my face with raindrops
    felt in windy sighs.

    through open portals our cosmic energy meets
    it is these moments that I am reminded
    once again
    why you left this world
    and I took my place.

    the grounding waves of my new foundation
    continue to engulf
    flooding my conscious mind
    washing away all the hurt and painful moments
    that you had to endure.
    when you were still here
    a spirit in physical form,
    a vessel that contained your spirit
    a shape people on this earth remember.

    i see you in me
    in mirrors of the past
    i reflect on those unforgotten images
    flashes of you that is now myself.
    moments of your life are now mine to live
    yet we remain intertwined
    together as one.

    i am here to help you finish what your soul dreamed
    i am your reflection that shows the physical world
    your life has just begun Kelly,
    dreams do come true because you always believed.