• duaneleinan_2018 23w

    ... the sadness and coruption of DONALD 'DUCK' TRUMP.

    Endless souls wounder around
    Sadness is within these walls
    Coruption is within the government as we know
    Donald Trump as was Hitler
    Wants to stop all libertys
    And the freedoms of all

    One great nation that we are
    All must decide on a path
    That will not devide
    For our differences
    Makes us great
    We are one nation
    Under GOD.

    We must become one
    To bring back the love
    Love of one nation
    For no one is greater
    Than this nation

    ** I guess this actually isnt a song , poem. Its kinda a rambling thought of how bad the views of our President is. As in taking away kids from there mom and dads crossing the USA/ MEXICO boarder. I always thought that was caled KIDNAPPING.