• champagnesupernova 24w


    They zoom past at infernal speeds
    I clutch the railing harder
    Unable to jump, unable to proceed
    Steps keep seeming farther

    I signal to the approaching vehicles
    To take me somewhere, somewhere far
    The air here is dreary
    And the benches fatal.

    One halts and I look inside
    An old visage greets
    The smile sardonic.
    The words derisive.
    " I'm despair, I've known these roads in and out
    Hop in we'll have a roundabout."

    I shut the door
    Only to find
    That this road prides
    Of pains divine.

    Alone then I traverse the sidewalk
    For miles and miles,
    Then it strikes me
    The sun doesn't shine too bright on this side,
    It's darkness that calls the shots.
    And sadness which owns the roads.

    Who'd have thought I'd hitchhike one day
    On the highway of sadness
    Pain drives the yellow Porsche
    Misery the red Ferrari
    Both colours of approaching spring,
    Almost ironic.