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    Sengil chukka hamnidha eonniieee ��
    Stay blessed party hard
    Stay healthy , eat alot.
    Stay strong, stay calm,
    Kill everyone with your charm.����

    Feeling pleasured to wish you today,
    With a hope that we will meet one day.��������������

    Happy Birthday to you Sarika eonniieee ����...I wish you stay happy ahead....��... I am glad to meet you here. And I wish we can create beautiful memories together ��❤️��.
    "Sengil chukka hamnidha jungkook ahh" _ Suga hyung ������...
    Happy Birthday again eonniieee ��������������������������������������������������

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    Sengil chukka hamnidha Sarika eonniieee