• praghati 9w

    Dear doctor's,
    Firstly I would like to bow my head to you, no human on earth would risk their life for another human unless for a personal reason which is too very rare. Doctors seems to be the most kind and soft but nevertheless we knew doctors are so strong that they would go on mere suicide attack (in the battle of curing corona patients).
    Though you risk your life, people don't value your life that's why the still allow themselves to roam on streets.
    The beat you and treat you as if you are the messenger of a sadist when you quarantine them but little did they know, you are save guarding their family as a guarding angel.
    They curse you when you don't allow them to meet their family but little did they knew it's been months you met yours.
    Dont ever feel all your efforts are in vain. Some souls like me are hear to praise you and be grateful to you. Once again thank you so much warrior. Let God bless you for ages and ages. Stay safe.
    With much love,
    One who stays home for you ♥️
    © Praghati.

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    Dear doctor's,

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