• sulagna2019 5w


    Yesterday when I looked into the mirror my feelings was wow I am so cute but I don't even take any pride for the reason. I am the best. .
    Jokes apart. We all are our own favorite person. However it is so very difficult task to write about own self. We all are born for a reason, yet to find our actual selves the search even the whole life is too short. When we come out of politics, fight, and other small things and start discovering ourselves we find we are late. We are standing in the verge of sunset. We lament we have wasted so much time doing nothing and poking nose into others life. So Swami Vivekananda once said don't forget to talk to yourself once in a day, otherwise you may miss the chance of meeting a wonderful person.

    In my opinion I am slow.
    I like to take things slow .
    Because I am in my own time zone.
    Because I am like myself .
    Because I am unique.
    Because I strive for perfection and originality.
    Rather than following the mass blindly.