• disser 4w


    Isn't it Love needs Connection
    Not jus always bloody Correction
    For Once you can jus Mention
    Love Doesn't need any kinda Protection
    Nowaday's people having in love some damn Collection
    It's jus the Affection
    It's jus the damn Attraction
    I had love her cause she is my Reflection
    Loved her cause I had gotten the Rejection
    Like that's my First Love that's my True Love
    This one is my special Love
    But the fact is every word is equal to Bluff
    There was one a kinda Crush
    Where I had only Blush
    Some love cause of Price
    Some love by there Size
    Nobody wanna be with them there whole Life
    Nobody interested to make her the Wife
    Everybody always jus bloody Lies
    They never care who Crie's
    Or who bloody Dies
    There heart is like the Ice
    Being like this they think it's bloody Nice