• darkness_within 5w

    Arising From The Dead

    I thought I was over
    Thought you were dead
    But you've arisen
    From the dead
    I missed you my love
    It's been so long
    I almost forgot how you died
    Please remind me
    Oh right
    You stabbed me and said
    "I want you out of my life"
    So I did
    And named you dead
    But here you are at my doorstep
    With dirt covered clothing
    And red colored eyes
    I remember they used to be so blue
    Did someone hurt you
    That made your ocean eyes
    Turn into a blood stream,
    Or was it bottled regret
    That I was the best thing for you
    And you believed I could return
    Thing is,
    You killed me
    You hurt me
    So I'm glad they hurt you
    Seeing your dead body
    Gives me no sympathy
    You were the one who killed me
    I'm glad to know
    You loved someone enough
    To allow them to kill you too
    Yes we may both be dead now
    But the difference is
    Even though you are at my doorstep
    Which has the sign saying "heaven"
    You'll be directed to the buss to hell