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    As an elated traveller, I have always found sanctity in wandering places. From the snow capped mountains of northern India to the brackish water lagoons of Chilika,all the places have found a deep place in my heart.

    The reason is quite simple and straightforward, I always wanted to be a hodophile ever since I was born on this planet. Exploring the glittery globe, discovering new unhackneyed stuff and above all, getting tagged by the name of a wanderlust, all this has always fascinated me.

    Last Monday when the clock was about to strike 1:40 pm, (as far as I remember 5 mins were left) I packed up my notebooks and pens because I was freaking with boredom. My nerves lost control when I was about to rise from the chair and suddenly my teacher pinned us to check what would happen if life was possible on any other planet too.

    I found this question absolutely kiddish and irrelevant because we have been told numerous time that earth is the only planet with air and water -the two necessities for life, then how could any other planet be bestowed with life and living?

    Apparently I also pondered about the vast number of galaxies in this eternal universe. Millions of planets and stars in the cosmos and existence occuring only on earth?

    The last string of faith dancing in the outskirts of my lungs was trying really hard to hold me above the surface of thoughtfulness. The dawn swept to dusk and it was getting darker and darker. I made my bed and tried to fall asleep while gazing at the stars and serene sky.

    My eyes unfurled and what I saw, crept me into astonishment. Alot of unorganised motions tunneling inside my mind but on the outside , I stood still in disbelief. Thousands of multi-complicated sky scrapers, all looking alike. I never saw them in India. They had some similar looking towers sprawled up on the top. I felt dizzy, no one, not even a soul I could identify at the moment. There were these goblin like men moving around me(I never knew a folklore or a fantasy fiction could come to a real life extent). My life was at an edge!

    I rose up my clear cut decision to walk to them. An alien(as the name suggests) was sitting on the stony ground. He turned to me and stood pale and quiet. He stared me for almost a minute or two. With all regards and perseverance he held my hand and started to walk with his barefooted legs. A distress signal was sent all across my body and panic was the call of the hour but I kept myself cool, as cool as a fresh cucumber trying to acknowledge what exactly was blowing in his mind.

    After 10 minutes I entered into a place where it got difficult for me to the respire. I was loosing my consciousness. The creature handed me a mask and spoke a word of perplexity. Nonetheless, I wore it and felt better and relaxed. A gang full of aliens came in front of me and I was almost on a notch to get a heart-attack but luckily I didn’t. Initially, they seemed to be benevolent and a happy-go-lucky ball of serenity but I was mislead,and this turned to be the worst part of all. These men tightly held my hand and fixed me onto a broad metallic structure, my hands were hung with a rope and my legs figured out with a chain, so tight and so hard I felt that I started screaming and bawling.

    “What have I done to you? do you know what humanity means? I won’t harm you at all! I have just been misdirected! Release me please! Are you sick? You know what, you guys will find a place in hell!”, and whatnot I cried for the state of mercy. The devils had no feelings, no feelings for a person who was begging for freedom and life.

    Sobbing was the last thing which could be done. I never knew the sky was a slave already. It was a small space for my sorrow trying to unweave itself in front of the inhumane creations. A hefty body with a bluish black figure came to me and to my surprise he bought me an eerie pill. The pill was supposed to put me to the warmest, sweetest and the eternal sleep I could ever cherish. I was terrified. Fear and awe surrounded me. A fish trapped in the company of sharks, unfortunately I kept myself at the edge of ignorance and valour all together, and could feel like that pity little fish in the ocean, alone and devastated.

    I didn’t realise when the pill was rubbed inside my mouth, forcefully, ofcourse. My throat lost its moisture and turned coarse as the wildest of deserts. Brightness around me dimmed on a serious note and I was getting lighter. The giggles of my brother, the untold calls of my father, the stern yet chirping voice of my mother, all I could relive again. I had no idea what was going through me. My soul was kinda fading and fading. No emotions, only endurance at peak.
    “Enough of nightmares for today, get up, you are already late for the class”, my mother cried.

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