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    Today I went to IIT delhi to take part in a Creative Writing competition.
    I wrote on the following prompt given there on the spot:-
    "You never had the ability to speak or communicate in any way, till this day. The only thing you were able to do was hearing the other people talking trash about you. They don't know that you were able to hear everything they said, and you're going to tell them what you think about them now."

    Muted I was
    Was made so silent
    yet so loud (inside)
    Brimming emotions
    I was compelled to hide
    Everyone thought
    I was so decent and nice
    But they didn't notice that
    I was murdering my own voice
    Then in order to hide
    I used to go in the rains
    In the bathrooms
    and wake up late
    During the nights and cry
    But rather they used to think
    I was just shy

    Never did they get to know
    What was killing me inside
    Was an unimaginable pain
    In front of everyone
    Trying to display the same
    Was just putting efforts in vain
    Left alone I was
    In this big crowded world
    Felt so empty inside
    Felt nothing there present
    Except the "Pain"
    For months and for days
    My eyes secretly rained
    Loving compassion I never gained

    "Kill me, Kill me with your kindness
    As I can't handle anymore
    This Madness
    This Sadness"
    A phrase I only wish
    I could have said
    From the inside I was
    As lifeless as Death
    For all day long
    I used to just lay in the bed
    Staring at the ceiling wall
    Wishing if I could just
    Never wake up again

    Then came a day when
    I realised I could hold a pen!
    Can write it out whatever
    That is present inside
    My heavy heart and brain
    It was no other than "This day"
    That I could make this world realise
    Their uncompromisable, unforgivable
    and most importantly the unforgettable
    That they did to me during
    The ignorant days of my haunting past
    Leaving all over me
    Permanent stains

    Making my life full of sorrows
    I was able to see no hopes
    In todays or tomorrows
    No sympathy
    No empathy
    I could borrow
    To put at an ease my annihilated soul
    To try to mend all the gaping holes
    I used to wish upon the stars
    For a day to come
    When I could show, Who I am
    Guess what?
    From the inside a Tiger
    From the outside a Lamb
    In this gamble of fate
    I was damned

    No one knew of my troubles
    No one knew of my pains
    Got a full stop rather an exclamation mark
    Over my gains
    Though despite all this "I love you all"
    I hope that " You love me too"
    Let go of all the false perceptions
    Let's understand each other
    Let's begin this new inception
    Let me be treated as an equal
    Not as an exception
    Maybe you should learn a bit of
    Learn to love people for who they are
    Rather judging and offering to them
    Your blunt neglection
    Rather shower them
    With your affection

    See, what goes around
    Comes around
    As you know Karma is a bitch
    It is no less than any witch
    It can in a snap switch
    Thy marvellous fate
    Can turn it into a fatal state
    Hope you still have time
    Hope you could still curate
    Thy mistakes great
    Learn from them
    Improve your mind
    Improve your state
    Let thou art be kind and merciful
    Change who you were before
    Now become a person beautiful
    Love people for who they are
    Ease their pains, mend their scars
    Let them find you as a wish
    That they wished to come true
    From a shooting star
    Afar yet close to their heart
    Let you show the true beauty
    Of thou art!

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