• purpleenigma 5w

    Yesterday, after six years of "sisterhood", one of my dearest friends turned her back on me and I don't actually understand exactly what it is that I've done wrong. I am hurting and I am frustrated and I now feel threatened, rather than loved and supported, and I needed to vent because she's only becoming more and more nasty with each passing moment and I'm not coping. And so this little poem was born from each emotion that I have cycled through in the past day.
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    Six years
    Six years
    Spent pouring my heart
    Every ounce of compassion
    Into what we called
    Our sisterhood
    And in less than six minutes
    You turned your back
    Because I dared to be different
    Disagree with what you took as fact
    And suddenly six years
    Became such a horrible ache
    Countless days now feel wasted
    I can't count the many hours
    Spent worrying about you
    Making myself sick
    So you could throw that in my face
    Degrade and accuse
    Say I never did support you
    Threaten and abuse
    Don't think I wanted to run
    I'm yearning
    I want to stay
    But you've poisoned me
    And now I'm trembling
    What is done
    Cannot be undone.