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    @@_crimsonpetals_ I wrote this, because of your poem this morning @writerstolli #writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    Inner demon

    I'm the type of person you should try to hurt ,because Literally I don't reason with my hearts, because it has no sense of direction.I condition my thoughts in a place that doesn't even exist to the world imaginations. Never for a moment believe it's about you, because I already know that over 100% don't like me. You all just feel I'm special like nuclear bombs.

    I'm going to be special and make the delivery of the baby you all wanted to see since yesterday was given. You can calculate the distance to whatever suit your needs. Please just leave the" I" out of your addictions and quit smoking cigarettes stories

    Women can't be trusted: Men even worst,;but remember learning never end :so upgrade your system and stop talking to your inner demon and love a little of everything.

    Don't manifest something you can't control
    Let inner demons stay in time out.