• cantlovemyself 6w

    Hello darkness , my old friend
    Hug me like you did last time
    Stab me like you do all time
    I always wanted to get rid of you but
    People left but you always stayed
    I don't have paper
    But i have skin
    I don't have pen
    But i have razor
    I want to draw beautiful thing my wrist
    But I'm afraid you'll leave me
    When you'll see my scars
    Pull that trigger
    Watch me falling
    Take that knife
    And stab me in my heart
    I can't take this pain
    I can't take it anymore
    With tears in my eyes
    Here I'm laying on the floor
    I am loving this pain
    Even tho it's killing me
    I don't want to be happy
    Coz i know I'm not here for so long
    I know it won't let me live happily
    But at least let me die peacefully

    Disclaimer - this does not promote self harm or anything

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