• varshapriyadarshni 5w

    To the last man I loved...
    I think I'm going to stop here. Whatever it was a quest of affection and belongingness or something to put off the fire burning inside me. Even though you left me, even though I didn't want us to end like this. I think I should stop now.. Being used by many and by using many for my benefits I learnt that it's a mere mirage out there called love.. Just an instance or a moment with someone from opposite gender defines more of my vulnerability to the situation where you desperately wanted someone by your side.. Then you happened out of nowhere..Unplanned , out of nowhere you just entered and everything changed.. Those moments I spent with you would never be enough.. You will always be like my unquenchable thirst.. Yeah I do miss you and everyday I have this urge to see that face and that smile with that geeky boy next door looks again. Just to bump into you somewhere out there or just time travel back to meet you in a different sort of story. You never left my heart and never will . And now that the picture is crystal clear I can say yeah I'm sure you are the last man I actually fell in love with.