• poteniallyunstable_lol 11w

    Nights like these make me wish for a little more.
    Nights when I'm hugging myself, holding my self together by a thread.
    Make me wish I hadn't let you walk away from me.
    Nights when I'm holding my breath so I don't make a sound when my heart breaks all over again.
    Nights when all I can picture is your smile and all the time we shared.
    The mornings I'd spend with you before school.
    Or the walks we had.
    The kisses that were so soft but intoxicating.

    They make me wish for more.
    These nights, when I finally remember why I let you go.
    These nights may make me wish for more, but maybe not with you...
    They make me wish for more happy memories
    To replace ours.
    That are hinted with sorrow and pain.