• himachacko 9w

    That Travel

    Slanting raindrops touched my sleep
    Woke me up to see future.
    Running trees & birds waved wishes
    This journey is too far to depend.

    Flattened my hands as am at home
    Done to do my daily deeds.
    Staring paired eyes made me up to
    Conscious, settle down.

    She is beautiful, the smile
    No matter a girl or boy
    Look twice to make it
    Clear she is being.

    My human nature started to
    Figure out her
    Filled forms & cheques won
    My respect & kindness.

    Burden bags held on my
    Shoulder, until my room
    Shouting more & more
    Louder simply I made him to snooze

    Sleeping devil was with me
    All time cause to hit my legs,fall on stairs
    Got a conscious hit from the newspaper column
    Oh Jeez, they aren't living too or hitting me.

    One cup of tea &
    Newspaper, perfect match is fact.
    The whole is whole headings made
    Me rush & stuck on that.

    The girl of smile
    Whom I met, not in good.
    Culprits been arrested,
    Did they punished?

    Hey flesh lovers, you loved
    Her cleavage & done so
    Refused to see her precious heart,
    May you will eat that too.