• allbymyself 5w

    Tonight I decided
    To re-read the
    Last story you
    Ever wrote, and
    As the sky
    Turned violet, orange
    And finally black
    I tried to
    See if I
    Could foreshadow death
    In those words.

    You once told
    Me that all
    Words have a
    Life cycle, and
    To outgrow them
    Is inevitable, but
    It would kill
    You to abandon
    Them, so you
    Found me and
    Taught me all
    That you knew.

    I remember your
    Face as you
    Taught me the
    Alphabet, and said
    That my words
    Need only be
    Honest, and if
    In the process
    They became pretty
    That would be
    A happy coincidence.

    You tell me
    That they will
    Forget you someday
    It is the
    Way of the world
    Someday soon, your
    Name would be
    Lost and your
    Words would be
    The only one
    They would read.

    I promise you
    That I would
    Write for the
    Both of us
    I'd give birth
    To new stories
    And somewhere in
    Those words, a
    Sliver of your
    Soul would live
    And smile.

    - Avitaj

    @dopamine @nightwriter_i

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    I promise you that I would write for the both of us.