• megzie_ssyk 6w


    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    It's about damn time
    I wrote another rhyme.
    My face is red,
    My mood never blue,
    Oh my dear mind,
    What is this I find?
    My face in anger, red.
    My mood in sadness, blue.
    My favorite character in the book...
    How could you do this, you crook?!
    Blood is red,
    Veins are blue,
    You shouldn't have done this,
    I grind my teeth and I hiss.
    Betrayed, dyed red.
    Crying, feeling blue.
    Your friend never deserved it,
    What you did in a fit.

    Misunderstandings drove this character mad.
    He couldn't cherish what they had.
    But wait, in the very next scene...
    A plot twist shows collaboration, unseen!
    It seems they were acting in cahoots,
    They were faking their disputes.
    And so the story passes the bend
    They were sworn bothers from start to end.