• everose 6w

    Virtually and really

    There were days
    All I wanted was to be with you
    But you seem to be so much into virtual world
    You ignored me
    You didn't appreciate me
    Looking at your interest in something so false
    I thought why not join you in
    This way I could connect with you back again
    Little did I know
    You wouldn't like that
    You removed me
    You were angry on me
    Telling me things which made me upset and sad
    Over the period of time
    We went from downs to up and down down
    Ending everything which we created
    Virtually and reality
    And so does our bond
    These are the days where I care for me and my mental health
    Going through lots of downs made me realise
    It's not worth it if people lie through their teeth and except to be trusted again like there is no dent
    Why is it
    That I can't be left alone
    I'm learning to be happy on my own and people around me who mean well of me
    Why do they say I have to be in relationship with same person who left me in pain
    When I'm already in relationship with my own who always try her best to keep me happy and prosperous