• indestructibledark 6w

    Truth and lies

    Reality is
    I notice too much
    Everything has an
    Effect on me
    When it's small
    I make it major
    When it's major
    I turn it in a catastrophy,

    Life really isn't
    Glowing right now
    Truth is I'm in
    A dark place
    Yet I fool those
    Around me
    With my lies
    I'm fine ,

    No I'm not fine
    I'm weak
    Hoping for a change,

    No I'm not happy
    I'm sad
    Annoyed of myself
    Tired of the people
    In my sorroundings,

    I'm just
    A couple bad days
    Where I trust
    No one
    Not even myself,

    Trying to take off
    This mask of depression
    But it's glued
    To me
    Like I'm bound
    To the darkness,

    Hell high
    Or hell low
    I've got to escape
    Truth is I don't know how,

    Or maybe the
    Problem is
    I need to let go
    But I can't
    Because I'm lying
    To myself.

    One truth I know
    I'm dangerous
    I'm not safe to be around.