• lust_fountain 5w

    Sex with neighbor : part1

    She was there in front of me, a moment of silence I clutched her wrist and drew her close, one hand on her wrist she was trying to free of, second grazing her left hip, she was wearing traditional suit as it was festival day and that dress was so tight to her body so that i can see her already curvy body in entirery, her boobs were tight and hips were colossal sprouting from her thin waist.
    I forced her to wall her boobs protesting against my chest, she was resisting with nonchalance because she too wanted to do it but she wantes to prolong little, i wrenched her both hands and splayed them on wall grasped in mine, she muttered my name and I kissed her leaving her hand free to tug my head or scratch my back and mine, one groping his way inside her suit on her back and other squeezing her left hip, lips battling in field not to win but to enjoy, i can sense her tongue slasing inside my mouth taking my salive, giving its own or mixing all, that was pleasure I bit her lip she tugged my hair tight I Took her dress from its hem and tore that away because that was so tight to came off,her boobs in her bra trying to pop out like flowers in early morning waiting for sun, I lift her and threw her on bed and.......