• bey5151 5w


    Too late myself realize that it is wrong
    Because allow yourself to cause jealousy
    Tempted to want to ignore yourself
    It turns out that I without you is fake

    Somehow that night I was being flirtatious
    Investigate your stalking
    In the grip of trauma, your fear shivers
    The sad memories you call out make you remember painful memories

    Let you stray. I'm really useless
    Flying releases a fixated dream
    Dreams are not ambition without action
    Arranging the heart so as not to stiffen and then freeze

    Even though my heart is choked up, remember what you said
    Want all to disappear without meeting you
    But it is unwise to be controlled only by emotions
    even though I am right, all I get is fake and if I am wrong I lose even the debris that I feel