• thepoeticchaos 22w

    As I grow older & older,
    Maturity that I possess is getting younger,
    May be that's how it is meant to be,
    Every variation it leans on has an different angle to it,
    Strongest of my beliefs are vandalised,
    People I didn't liked seem more like a friend,
    People I thought were forever are not even in the frame,
    The things I thought I'm good at have left me alone,
    The things I thought were never ever my cup of tea, but now we actually share beer of success occasionally,
    May be some things are meant for a occasion, some are meant for a season, some are meant for lifetime,
    & every one if them has an equal right of being considered, being heard, being loved,
    It's maybe that the story is scripted, the climax is eventual, but the characters are not per se,
    You & Your are not forever,
    Every Your in your life deserves a genuine endeavour.

    - Amit Baspure