• raeblaque 11w


    Tell me-
    Have you felt the squeezing pressure of childbirth from the inside out,
    And of keeping miracles entrusted to you by god herself alive- no free trial, no room for error? 

    Have you felt the weight of heartache grind your bones to dust?
    And kept walking on them, keeping momentum to keep from falling apart? 

    Tried to claw the space out of your chest where others should have been? 
    And found that you can't empty... emptiness? 

    Have you built your foundation on quicksand when it was all you had 
    And then watched helplessly as it slipped away beneath your unsteady feet? 

    Have you ever burned down the library of your life bc of an avoidable mistake on page one? 
    Have you fanned those flames until you couldn't breathe;
    Choking on the smoke of your own rebirth, hoping when it's over you can LIVE? 

    Have you looked in the mirror and found nothing but your piercing gaze running you through
    Sharp as a needle, and just as hollow?