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    ~painful heart~
    Lost my heart
    That day I lost my mind
    Found empty promises
    And deeds that left their scar
    Body left unclean
    Mind left in pain
    Agonizing was the recovery
    Picking up sanity where none resided
    Forever a part of me unstable
    Anxiety wracked my heart
    Years after the event
    I could accept
    I could feel new
    But I couldn't easily bring myself
    To trust
    And to love
    But this time I've found one
    Who's darkness knows my own
    His pain felt like home
    My pain found someone carved
    From suffering to recovery
    To form the man he is today
    Kindness and care
    Drip from cautious lips
    Understanding and love
    Seep from watchful eyes
    Maybe this time just once more
    My heart will be open
    For him

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    My heart is in your shaky hands
    It's cracked and rough
    And a little unreachable
    But for you I feel it's safe
    For you I trust
    So don't hurt me
    And we'll be safe
    Together with love