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    Just a small try... Was not in mood actually ��

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    Yadon ki baraat

    It was all started on the 31st of 2016,we all were saying good to the fiscal year and egar to welcom u (2017) with lot of happiness and excitement. As the clock hand were racing to reach at 12 O clock our heart ♥ beats was also running with it to welcom you. You know (2017) as we were excited for u to come at the same time we were sad and our eyes were teary as we were saying good by to 2016...those were the mix feeling of everyone,as we lost one more year from our lives and we are growing older and older but keeping rock on the heart ♥ we said good bye to u (2016).
    As it was we welcome 2017 in hope that this year will bring happiness to all of us with great ideas and great opportunities to make our life better and best. U (2017) gave us a great opening to all of us bt at the same time u were quite sad and shocking year as well.we saw people were fighting over the castism issue due to peer pressure of politics,at the same time they were celebrating each other's religious day, many of our soldiers were martyred by Pakistan (specially those terrorists), you came up with lots of ups and downs. We got to see India shining on world map, politically and in sports as well, sindhu made us proud, we got to see to India doing great in football , hockey and every other sports, Rohit s 3rd double .
    As u gave lots of momments to keep in memories but at the same time we all were saddened as we lost many of our great great actors many such things happen with all of us but we never stop fighting and we are not blaming you (2017) for anything but you were quite negative I must say because as you were passing and just few days before you end up killing many innocent people . Anyway what do I say more,today is the last day of yours so make everyone everyone happy with the ending so that people will get quit happy about it... It's your last day today ☺ we all say good bye to u with joy and some unpleasant memories. And we all are in hope that 2018 will be the great year for everyone in this world there should be peace ✌️ everywhere. There won't be any problems everybody should be happy always.....

    Anuraag kharate... ☺