• kemella 6w

    It was a cool evening
    And there he was in a wheelchair
    I was a little girl and could barely comprehend what was going on
    I stood by the stairs, watching as people gathered
    I was confused
    I didn't even know what to feel
    In my mind, my dad was never gonna walk again
    My hero wouldn't be able to take a step
    I didn't even realize I was crying until tears stained my cheeks
    I just stood there and couldn't move
    Thinking of how much our life was gonna change
    Even as a little girl I knew being paralyzed wasn't a good thing
    When I was finally able to come up with a word
    I asked "Is my dad gonna walk again"
    And I heard someone say yes
    I wasn't even sure it was gonna happen that way
    But there was a flash of hope in my little eyes
    And a huge surge of relief swept through me
    One I can't recall feeling ever
    Well that man is walking now
    And it didn't even take him long to recover
    But it's an experience I would never forget as a little girl
    It makes me appreciate the little things.