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    Baleshwar :- The Sand city

    Horizon creates the floor with pebbles
    alongwith star fishes at low tide
    in the northern Coastal city enshrouded
    with the 4 beaches (bay of Bengal)and
    the beach (Digha beach )also
    on the Odisha -westbengal border.
    Eastern beach/Chandipur of North Odisha
    lying on the bed by holding the island
    (Abdul Kalam island/Wheeler island)
    for a new era of science..
    Smiling Springs cuddle the wildlife sanctuary to evaporate the agony of the broken universe...
    The place known for the first commerical
    factory by English Rule in Odisha and many
    historical places too .
    On the top of the Nilagiri hill torrent of spring
    showering whole year open the lord Shiva ( lord Panchalingeswara Bcoz of five shivlinga
    enshrined inside.) Famous for our language
    which is little bit similar with Bengoli ( West Bengal border city) and
    Gajja too (a type of sweet).
    Presence of lord Krishna know
    as kheerachoragopinath ( milk stealer Krishna )and Emami Jagannath (looks like duplicate of Shrikhetra Puri ) makes my city special .....
    //Love Baleshwar//

    Chinmayee Mohanty
    Pic credit goes to the rightfull owner
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