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    Unexpected Hero

    Chapter 11 - Red Hell Prison

    Red hell prison , the prison where Raizen keeps those who dare to stand up against him . The prison is surrounded by fire that Burns continuously , thus the name Red hell . Squad 1 lead by Knightwalker breaches the fire and entes Red hell prison . They all are in prison gaurd's uniform . " We are inside the prison now , split in 4 groups of 5 members each and look for the 4 Bosses " Knightwalker said over the secret telephonic line . Only the squad 1 members had access to this secret phone line . The Search For the 4 Bosses began . Meanwhile Rin meets up with Hina . " I couldn't find master Saber anywhere " Rin tells Hina . " That's how the old man is , he always disappears in thin air cuz he doesn't want anyone to know where he lives " . " I wanted to properly thank him for training me" Rin said . " I'm not a liability for you anymore , I can fight now , can't wait to show what I've learned " Rin said with a proud smile . Squad 3 begins it's journey from Mount Denjiro to resistance army's base . " Boss Knightwalker we have located the 4 Bosses " a squad member said , " time to break them out " Knightwalker said as he prepared to move towards the Bosses's cell

    7 days until the Final Battle

    To be continued.....

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