• akash9258 6w

    A child in me

    I used to miss the child I used to be
    Who was happy as hell
    Who used to enjoy himself a lot

    The current circumstances of mine is
    Nowadays I'm scared, scared of probably everything.

    I feel like I'm devastated, it feels like I'm living in an empty jar, completely packed.

    Packed with my emotions
    Packed with my feelings
    Packed with my self belief.

    I used to feel very low
    I'm a lost child
    Then I cry, cry like a fountain.

    The only thing that pushes me is that nostalgic moment when I used get extremely enthusiastic about studying and playing outdoor games.

    Those nostalgic moments teaches me
    I was happy
    I was confident
    I was self obsessed.

    These are the little things that matters a lot, these things could make a big difference.

    Indeed it's my formula of keep moving, keep hustling because obstacles will be on every path you choose you just need to be camn, composed and confident your self esteem should be always high.