• ink_impressions 5w


    The lights have escaped so narrowly,
    Into a play of diminishing luminance,
    Paved way for a brilliant display
    Of darker shades of burning red
    When the hues have dissolved gracefully
    Into the question that we raise now...

    The sun was an elegant mystery
    Where we basked in it's ultimate prime,
    Those were the days of pure enjoyment
    Love and like mixed equally radiant,
    To paint pictures so compelling then
    In that broad canvas of our minds...

    The art was conceived by our lives
    Magnificent strokes lit that work,
    We set a voyage to the horizon
    Seeking excitement, gaiety and so...
    Framed by our splendid friendship,
    People stared at our vigorous unity...

    Gleamed out of energy and colour,
    That wholesomeness we cherished
    Over those days of spotlight and stars
    Pierced every trace of darkness in us
    Gave birth to the glorified versions
    Of us and our aspirations cemented....

    The sunshine and warmth a luxury
    Were we greeted our selfless greed
    To immerse in moments effervescent
    And it paid of undoubtedly so well
    That we forgot time and existence ours
    Went back to total bliss and exuberance.

    Worth living was every second of it
    Dreaming reliving those moments again
    We stare at the fading colours
    Hiding our needy thoughts and words
    Somewhere between the fluffy clouds
    Declining their journey into an infinity.

    Promised now and often many a time,
    To keep those memories ever so safe
    Where the waters brush the shore
    Our intentions leave footprints many
    Along the soothing sands we straddled
    Unity stands tall enjoying the caresses...

    That view is so briskly breathtaking
    We get into reminiscing so helplessly
    Offering gloom to that fading picture
    Slowly from the white wide canvas
    Promised ever so enchantingly there
    That we'll sink into the glow everyday...

    © Athuljith P.