• aditya34 35w

    Song of love

    I would play the song of love
    With all my heart & soul
    It would continue till my lungs breathe
    & wont cease to stop
    When i would find difficult to
    keep on playing , the song of love
    Hold my heart that time
    Dont let it faint
    It would be very special when i would sing this song for you
    Under the beautiful moonlight
    With the faling of the dew
    I would look into your eyes
    Feel my world fade away
    & slowly the sound of your breathe
    Could be heard in my ears
    That time when your hand
    will be at my chest & near my heart
    & my time stopped
    I would play the song of love
    for you
    Only for you
    & will continue even if this moment passes away
    I would continue to play this song of love
    For you
    Only for you