• sky_blue 5w


    Everything you feel at this moment
    It will be different tomorrow
    And it's different from yesterday.

    The coffee I drink daily in the mornings and at night
    Its flavor varies
    So every time I drink my coffee
    I know that my coffee is unique
    Irrepeatable ...
    Their ingredients are different every time
    Now a few more grains of coffee
    A pinch of sugar more
    Maybe the water boiling or maybe lukewarm,
    No matter...
    My coffee has a different flavor.

    And you know...
    It's the same with life
    With my feelings
    My emotions
    They vary in each situation.

    What I feel right now
    It will be different tomorrow
    It's different from yesterday.

    What I want to say is...
    Live your moments
    Enjoy the darkness
    It will make your moments of your radiance unforgettable.


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