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    Caroline ran to catch the elevator but right before she could slide in, the door shut. With a loud grunt of irritation, she bolts for the emergency staircase and watches as the floor number signs seemed to get further and further apart.
    By flight 8, Caroline had used all of what would typically be her normal stamina. However, this wasn't a normal case.
    With every heavy breath, Carolina pushed her body harder. Eight more. Just eight more. The feeling on the soles of her feet had gone numb, and she was left with only the pain in her mind: if you don't make it, he dies. He will die...because of you.
    Tears flooded her eyes and began to blur her vision as she made the final steps to Floor 16.
    Bearing down on the handle and pushing with her shoulder, she moves the door only in an inch. Like she had guessed, he blocked the door.
    "Dammit!" She shouts. She takes a few steps back and rams into the door again- and again- and again. With each blow and yell, the door creaked a little further open.
    "JAKE!" She hit the door. "DON'T DO THIS!" Again. "JAKE, PLEASE!" and with one more run-and-go, the bar holding the door broke loose, slinging the door open.
    With her sleeves ripped and fists bloody, she looks around the open rooftop to find Jake waiting- gun in hand- for their enemy.
    "Jake!" Caroline's yell breaks half way through from the exhaustion and coarse air.
    Without even turning around, Jake clenches and his eyes and barks out, "Caroline, go back inside!"
    The fury rose into her cheeks. She grabs his shoulder pulling him to face her. Oddly, Jake was much stronger than her and could have easily resisted, but part of him wanted Caroline to stop him.
    "How dare you tell me what to do!" She has his navy blue collar clenched in her fist. She strains on her tiptoes to try and meet his level. "We had a plan!" She snapped.
    Jake shrugs off her grasp and grabs her wrist, "the plan-" he slings her wrist down by her side, "won't work!" Jake's chocolate hair was slicked back despite the few strands that, now, dangled in front of his eyes. He towered over Caroline; their eyes locked on the other's.
    Caroline watched as Jake's grey eyes shifted quickly and refused to remain in one place for too long. Suddenly, she understood: "if you do this, if you stay up here and go toe-to-toe with my father, you'll die." Caroline's lips grew more dry with every word, and her sentence became a faint whisper. The red that filled her cheeks seconds before bad quickly faded into a cold, lifeless, blue. Jake's hand lifted to her face, and he allowed his palm to rest against her cheeks. For the first time all day, his eyes were still.
    At his warm touch, Caroline closed her eyes and just allowed the tears to fall. As she often did in Jake's presence, she melted.
    They stayed like that for a few seconds, but it felt like a shortlived eternity for them. The wind grew louder and much harsher. It was like Mother Nature herself was warning the city of the danger that was to come.
    It was in this great burst of wind that the two had found an understanding with each other. They both knew they couldn't change the other's mind. But before a last parting gaze, Caroline bellows over the brewing storm, "you told me once that you wanted your legacy to mean something. That you wanted to be remembered for something far greater than anything else in history. If you die before killing my father, what will your legacy be then?"
    Without a single moment of hesitation, Jake walks quickly toward Caroline, wrapping her in a hug. Caroline felt as if he was trying to say goodbye- and essentially, he was. His head nuzzled into her shoulder before lifting slightly to vow, "if my legacy is to throw myself in the path of a bullet to save your life," he paused pulling away from her, "then so be it."
    Caroline's mouth parted in what could be perceived as either amazement or sadness. As Jake began to take steps back ward to where he had left his arsenal, she realized she hadn't been the only one crying.
    Jake watched Caroline's petite body shake against the bitter wind. He watched as her hair flew to the side, some strands covering her face.
    Then, as if right on time, a great boom is followed by parting clouds. As the two of them simultaneously looked up, they saw the helicopter that belonged to Caroline's father. It was time...
    Caroline was slow to move her head back down to eye level, but when she did, she saw Jake already staring at her with his weapons in hand.
    Go. He thought.
    She shook her head. No.
    I love you. He cried.
    I know. She nodded.
    With that, the helicopter had made its landing, and just as five men, possibly more, stepped out of the aircraft, Caroline cried once more, turned, and ran for the door.
    Right as she entered the staircase... BANG!
    She freezes. The hair on her neck stands. Her knuckles go white. Her legs- fall weak. She whips her head around to find her father towering over a dead body, gun in hand.
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