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    In a small room , there I was standing ,staring at the doctor to look for hint so that I could start .After few moments ,he looked up putting his pen down, he finally spoke ,"Yeah ,Say" ... I sat down on the lounge and started ,"I am Reema, Age-21, Height-5'2", Colour-fair, Hair- Light brown, Sex-female." "But why are you telling me all this ,it's not even required ,I am a doctor You should tell me the problem you have.", he said seeming a slight confused. "Actually since past few days I'm experiencing a quaint stretch around my body, a kind of stretch when you wring a drenched towel or squeeze a lemon or pull the rubber from both ends until it splits.My heart beats pulsate faster than normal even when I'm sitting idle. Everyone on the social sites seems to be partying in an imaginary louse nightclub ...like a never ending binge ,a fest where raffish bachelors have swarmed the entire earth and I am left with no place to stand upon. In the gentle zephyr of evening ,air stifles me in place of greeting me with stores of life gas. And the music is no more dulcet ,words prick my skin and the pain I feel seems real. On the freezing days of December when Sun turns up ,the rays it radiates touch me and there is a pang of searing pain ,it doesn't caress me like before , it's warmth feels deadly now. When everyone celebrates ,I am stoic .When there is din all around,I can listen nothing except silence. My ALONE pinches, but People don't comfort either. Suddenly the taste has vanished from food and Fragrance of my life has gone to an alien room .Flowers seem to frown ,they don't make smiling faces. Can you tell me why is it so?I am not even any rich person to be inflicted with any weird disease ,Being a ragtag ,I expect everything to be normal ,doctor...Tell me Why is it so?". He didn't speak for next few minutes ,his face has that specific expression of shock and I was just waiting for him to respond. After making himself comfortable he broke the queer silence ,"It's Serious, you'll have to start your Medication ,but before that I want to have a word with you." I HADN'T EXPECTED THAT .WHAT WAS HE TALKING ABOUT. A SERIOUS PROBLEM .NO IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE. It came as a severe jolt and I couldn't comprehend what to do now.In a quivering voice , I managed to utter only this,"No doctor ,you have certainly mistaken. There can't be anything serious.It will certainly be something minor. I'll come tomorrow. I think your day has been too tiring."

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    Unknown Sickness