• nicki24 22w

    Just listen

    I sat next to
    a stranger
    I asked are you okay
    The look of sadness
    Was written upon his face
    I asked once more
    He looked up at me
    Smiled and
    He said my dear
    The world is a crule place
    So many people walked
    Passed me but not one stopped
    But you stopped
    With your warm smile
    And kind heart
    My problems seem so large
    But when i think of wars
    Happening in this world
    My problem is very small
    I have lost my dignity
    Today i had to beg for my job
    To feed my family
    But this matter was not big
    I thought millions are starving
    But iam greatful to have shelter
    To have food everyday
    A family that loves me
    My dear you have shown
    Me by just listening
    That my life is great
    Compared to others
    I spoke my problems
    To a stranger
    Who help me see
    Even in dark there is light
    Even in light there is dark