• stigmaonlife 9w



    What Should i tell Or What Should I Deliberate is Not the Matter of concern;Because whether i Speak Or whether i don't, there is always a message behind it and Behind the message there is acharacter of me who is conveying the Indirect purposes.

    First of all, Once William Shakespeare said in twelfth night
    "There is no Darkness But ignorance." When you are negating the words or ignoring the Words, You are not worthing the tries of the person but also mocking the compromises of that one which he has made for reaching at this moment or For just joy of your and not for his selfishness.

    Compromises made by one of someone or something which are not known while ignoring or somewhat negating to answer, is Not forgivable and also doesn't grant you excuse that you're free from responsibility by just not knowing the facts and circumstances.

    You are responsible for your ignorance while knowing your worth in life of the other and also by your knowledge that your ignorance or negligence can cause how much threat and damage to anyone and how can it make feel other who has made compromises for it and still couldn't obtain or afford it in the form in which it should have

    Apart from all i wish all would be able to Understand me in the true perspective of emotion and atleast doesn't misunderstand it and make a wrong impression in mind.