• quinn_cousin 6w

    The wind follows you


    Me, prips, josh, blink, Sid and Mahiro reached
    our building,
    Josh and Sid left after we exchanged goodbyes.
    We all came to our apartment.
    Blink seems very happy after meeting new friends,
    I'm happy too to meet such great friends.
    But I'm most happy to be around prips,
    She's so cheerful and cute
    that I can't stop admiring her.

    She's so helpful and kind to us,
    I feel attracted towards her a little bit,
    It feels good to make her smile
    and when she smiles and laughs
    she looks so beautiful.

    She doesn't care about how she's looking
    Or what she's wearing,
    all she cares about comfort and happiness.
    She looks charming all the time.


    We decided to have dinner together
    and after that we decided to play
    Prips mom cooked dinner for us
    and we ate dinner together.
    Prips and Mahiro suggested
    to play board games.
    We were playing and in between
    Priyanka got a call from Carlyn.
    They talked for a long time
    and then they went to their home,
    We couldn't play much but still I was
    watching her having fun with carlyn on call.
    This is the first time I'm feeling like this
    for someone.
    I've always been so extrovert but after coming here
    and meeting these people, I feel like having good friends
    is the best thing.