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    She never observed him till he began blabbering random stuff, till he said "oh, Nandos, orgasms!"
    She was shocked. Is he sane? But then she remembered how worth the chicken even was. She smiled, beneath the weird face she made.
    "Oh, Cmon you very well know what I'm talking about."
    "Yeah, very well. Duh."
    "See you agree."
    She just made a face, and then they laughed together.
    That was her first impression. She waved and got home. And then regretted not taking his number.

    Fast forward. Few months after.
    She's standing in attention, as her school anthem was playing and he arrives and starts smirking. She couldn't stop laughing looking at him. Then her friends start giving her looks. But still, she looks at him and laughs wholeheartedly.
    "Dude, you got me dead."
    "Control and coordination dudette. Your brain wanted you to laugh. You did."

    Next day.
    She had a fight with her boyfriend. She didn't want to say a word to anyone. She finds a place beside him, she quickly jumps beside him.
    "Pakistan and EU back in bad times?"
    "Shut up, you Myanmar"

    They talk a lot. A lot. Bitch about people. Talk about family, friends, relationships and obviously, Nandos.

    They meet a year later.
    He's in her friend's committee who used to laugh and tease her with his name. She knew he was the target. But she knows her dope friend.
    He looks different. Puberty has played its game. But the boy is still as cute as he always was with a cute little dimple on his right cheek and as his committee buddies say annoying as hell.
    They spend every freaking minute that could together. Talk about every single damn thing they can, laugh and judge at people's MUN style.
    He waits as the super famous personality jumps from one corner to the other. But he waits patiently.

    He's an introvert, she an extrovert.
    She talks a lot, he listens a lot.
    He annoys others, she annoys him.
    He's calm even when the world's about to collapse,
    She whines at even the happiest moments.
    She smiles at every damn thing, he's disgusted most of the times.
    But together, they seem like the moon and the stars.
    Incomplete without each other.

    Will you be Alex to my Meredith?

    Derek yeah.

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    Will you be Alex to my Meredith?