• nilainks 21w

    I do forget sometimes you are all grown up
    And don't need me anymore
    I know I confuse and irritate you
    Iam confused myself
    Iam stuck in that plain where
    I attempted to be your second mom & friend at once
    But that is my cross
    Iam proud of the strong person you have grown up to be
    Any faults you have are wounds I failed to heal

    I can never not love you,worry about you
    I can never explain in the right words all I want to be for you
    What you are to me
    am truly sorry for all the times I ever hurt you
    Made you feel like Iam always in your way
    I never meant to
    But I understand
    Iam that walker and that tricycle you outgrew
    You don't need me as a crutch,
    someone to fallback on
    Someone to come running to
    Your personal fixer
    And as hard as that is to take in
    It's all part of growing up
    and I would never want to hold you back
    I will watch you glow like the sun from a far
    And feel overwhelmed with your every tiny bit of sucess
    Like when you took your first steps,
    Like when you shared your drawings or poem you scribbled up
    Always and forever

    #english #siblinglove

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