• dusty__modern 45w

    Happily friendzoned_2

    And while we found our new young love ,
    We lost something .
    We lost something more precious than our love .
    Our friendship . Our kickass attitude .. Partnership in doing all the crimes .
    The times when we limitlessly cussed each other , or how we mocked those lovebirds together .3AM
    IN the bed together , laughing singing ,dancing in pjs . the way i revealed all my secrets and check-out to him .
    but when in relationship , the things failed . we started wearing masks for each other .
    and then it finally hit me like a storm , "Girl ; i dont thinking its working anymore "
    and this time , our thoughts were on the same frequency . yes , we broke up.
    Fast forward to 2018;
    he 's now my the same lazy , crazy guy whom i befriended.
    So i migt not be in a relationship with him
    or my feelings were not reciprocated .
    BUT , Yes i am happily friendzoned today ....
    -agrima singh.