• passtime 6w

    The Pressure

    When it comes to you
    And anger
    Always shows up on you
    Telling you nothing is wrong with us
    Always overthink the worst for us
    You always say the wrong things
    Whether it's our relationship
    Or yourself
    Always telling you I still love you
    From the first time
    I met you
    But when it comes to you
    You don't trust me
    You always say
    The reason why you are like this
    Because of your past relationships
    But don't put those luggage on me
    Because I'm not them
    Remove the past
    From the past relationships you had
    Because the more pressure you put on me
    Will cause me to think
    I'm the only person
    Who's trying to make this relationships last
    Until it crumbles
    On my face
    In the end.....