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    "Let's talk somewhere else." Don suggested and walked towards who knows where.

    I instinctly followed him and we made our way at a park. It's really quiet and only a few people are here, he probably wants a private conversation.

    I sat on a bench and tried to sink in what he just told me.

    I've forgotten everything. Even my name!

    Why haven't I noticed it?! It's been weeks already, and now, I'm not sure of who I am anymore.

    "I'll explain this shortly," he broke the silence and looked at me with a straight face. "Right now, you're in a coma. You seem okay here at this dream, but in the real world, you're dying."

    My eyes widened as he said what he just said. Now that's even harder to swallow. Me, in a comatose. Me, dying.

    Is he still telling me the truth? He could be fooling me just now. He could be making fun of me after all!

    "W-who are you?" I asked. "Why do you know all of these?"

    He seems to know me better than I know myself. Is he some sort of gaurdian angel? He probably knows my name too.

    He's just too weird! At first I thought he'd be an ordinary person who'd actually help me wake up from this dream. But now, I feel like it just went from complicated, to much more complicated.

    "Don't worry too much," he gave me that creepy smile once again. "I told you, I'm going to help with this journey."

    There he goes again with this 'journey' thing. It's just confusing me more!

    "What do you mean with this journey?" I asked. Since asking is all I can do for now. I don't even know my name.

    "There are only three tasks to complete the journey," he tried explaining, still with that grin. "First, you must remember you're past. Second, you must find the three major places - or the places you mostly went to when you're still at the real world. And third..."

    Nothing is still sinking in to my mind. Every word he's making is just making me more and more confused.

    All I want is to wake up. That's it.

    "What's the third?" I looked at him with desperation. He paused and made the mood more intense than it's actually is.

    "You have to play rock, paper, scissors with me."

    I gave him a questioning look. He stared back as if giving me the message that he won't entertain questions anymore.

    "You make it sound so easy." I said.

    "It's hard," he admitted. And somehow, I felt that he's actually concern. "But that's why I'll help you."

    I face palmed once again and sighed. I heard him chuckle. "And one more thing!" He pointed up as if he just remembered something.

    He then leaned towards me. "You only have one week to do all those tasks, goodluck!" He whispered.

    Now this is the part 2!! Hope you also read the prologue and the part 1 :> Thanks for reading��

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