• artalreja 23w

    Tearing of heart results in most beautiful coing of words, irony indeed!

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    Let it go❤

    So happy he was hearing that unspoken sound of destiny,
    All his wishes surrenderd before him in the name of serendipity,
    Gladness didnt knew any bounds,
    Because finally he was gifted with those heald wounds,
    He was all living a blissful life,
    Yelling that His greatness just cant be described,
    He continued the 'happy days' assuming its eternity,
    Unaware of the thought that evil days and bad times were awaiting for him all in unity,
    Entered the phase where all seemed falling apart,
    Those entiled happy days were seemed just an illusinory art,
    Praying to Him he spent all his time and cry,
    It was the only option left for him to rely,
    He rememberd the dayz when he had nothing but emotions,
    Life may sound kind and humble,
    But we must be ready for any unimagined tremble,
    Bad days in life do come and flow,
    All we must do is trust His timings and kindly bow,
    Letting it go makes each iota of heart tear apart,
    But all we can do is forget everthing and give life a new start,
    Keeping the happy days in mind we can only surrender and submit,
    Because if you want a wound to heal,
    You have to stop touching it.