• noted_life_ 23w

    Don't we all have it somewhere within us.
    The pain, the ecstasy, the love, the hate, the question, the answer, the lie, the truth, the song, the silence, the work, the best within us. All of this.
    Is life not the biggest possible example we all can relate to.

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    Poem thingy-
    Life, the perfect example.

    I am given the example
    Of lotus, that pink
    Amongst the dirt,
    I am given the example
    Of roses, the red
    amongst the thorns,
    I am given the example
    Of people who do better
    People who I might not
    Inspiration, is what they hope
    To give me.
    But what I know is, that every
    Single night when I choose
    To sleep instead of thinking
    Through my past,
    When I choose to go out
    And see the world instead of
    Curling up in my blanket.
    When I go an extra mile to
    Make my loved ones feel special
    When I strive hard to keep.
    My promises,
    I feel like I have an example in
    Me, I feel like
    I have a source of inspiration
    Originating in me.
    This isn't very flowery of me,
    I just am a big fan of life.
    The one that makes me wanna
    To stay in the game, even though
    The next level is a completely
    Dark night.