• yoyowrites_ 10w

    Little girl

    Little girl in red skirt
    Who fills the house with mirth
    As clumsy as she comes
    To some, an item, she becomes.

    Her neighbours loved her so
    As much as her parents do.
    Pretty uncles and pretty aunts
    And a silent predator that lurks
    Amongst people, her parents trust.

    She has a story to share
    Afraid that no one would care
    Confused as she appear
    With secrets too big to bear.

    Silent prayer to ease her day
    She hides her fear till to this day.
    Shuddering nerves when triggered
    An episode that keeps derailing her.

    Daytime comes, she puts on a smile.
    By night, her thoughts travel thousand miles.
    Then she cries a little, wishes a little,
    Hopes a little and dies a little.