• mgiable 9w


    My Dear,
    I'm aware that I don't exactly comprehend the depth of your grief; I can only imagine what it feels like to loose someone so dear after putting in so much hope, faith, prayers and finance anticipating his recovery.

    Nevertheless this is to remind you that we are subject to God and His(God) plans is the best for us. Trust me it's possible he (Dad) is Happier where he is now though he would look down and smile missing you.

    The future is brighter. Keep up with the right Life, when it's time you'll be joined with him in bliss and Joy.

    For now; be strong and positive so when ever he looks down to see you, he'll be proud of the woman you're becoming.

    You're loved! I love you very much and other friends of yours do as well. I'm here anytime.

    God console you Girlio.